Our first walk. This is Grinlow Country Park. it has amazing views over the town of Buxton.

Solomon's Temple is an old 'folly'. We all took turns climbing to the top for amazing 360 degree views.

Don't worry, Chatsworth house is not sinking! However, this is a lovely group shot of all of us. We had just finished our tour of the house and were enjoying a look around the gardens before our picnic lunch.

We all had an amazing time in the maze (sorry). Congratulations to Martha, who was the first to reach the centre.

Later in the afternoon, we had a terrific tour of the farm. Some of us enjoyed a guinea pig handling session. ALL the guinea pigs had names.

Enjoying the adventure playground.

Starting our walk through Dovedale.

Taking part in the annual Pooh Sticks competition.

Here are the first of many photos showing what a truly fantastic time the children had in Derbyshire.
We were delighted to spend some time on the common yesterday afternoon. Our sketchbooks are handmade and we selected different types of paper to sketch on. We are learning how develop our outdoor sketching skills this term and we will take our sketchbooks away with us to Derbyshire.
We had a cracking time on Tuesday afternoon! We learnt how to find features on an O.S map and locate them using a 6 figure grid reference. This will prepare us for our Dovedale walk when we are in Derbyshire, where we will need to make good use of our map reading skills in order to complete our 8 mile walk without getting lost!
We have had a busy few weeks in Snow Leopard class. We have all really enjoyed developing our understanding of light in science. Everyone in class made a periscope - we just need to test them

properly by taking them outside!
Although this is a very busy time of year in year 6, we have still ensured that every maths lesson contains a 'get up and go' activity. We have enjoyed improving our counting skills by using the 'plinky-plonk' tins, and very much enjoyed doing this outside. We have also enjoyed securing our understanding of percentages and have developed our reasoning skills by our 'round the room' activity. The help desks went down a storm too!

Trip to Duxford IWM

We saw a variety of interesting WW2 related artifacts. A good time was had by all.

WWII homework

In Snow leopards class this week the children have worked hard to complete homework, showing some of their learning bout WWII. Here is a selection of their fantastic work.

Our maths cafe was very successful this morning. Children enjoyed sharing maths investigations with their adults and each other.

We hope everyone enjoyed the collaborative, problem solving activities they took part in.