We reverted to whole class maths lessons this week and the children have worked hard (and had a lot of fun), carrying out maths investigations. For our BODMAS investigation, some children chose to work independently, some worked in pairs and others worked in groups. The children really enjoyed this challenge and even wanted to carry on for a second lesson in order to get it completed. 
In English, the children have almost finished writing their stories, set in WWII and they seem to be really enjoying it. We will be moving on to writing newspaper articles next - linked to a story line in Goodnight Mr Tom and also to an important WWII theme. We have told the children about a creative writing contest which requires the children to write a story in 500 words or less. I have suggested to the children that they might want to adapt the story which they have written in class and submit it to the contest. 
In Topic, we have begun to plan for our VE Day street party which will be held in school…
SATs Week
This week in year 6, we have been sitting our SATs tests. On Monday we had SPaG Paper 1 (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and Paper 2 (a 20-word spelling test). Tuesday was the 1-hour Reading test. There were 3 pieces of text: The Park, The Bumblebee Fact File and The Music box. We had maths paper 1 and 2 on Wednesday, which were arithmetic and reasoning paper 1 and - on Thursday - it was the 2nd maths reasoning paper.  The whole class agreed that the tests were easier than expected due to hard work and commitment they have put in during the weeks and months before. 

VE Day Celebration Look out for an invitation to our VE day celebration, which will be on 19th June. This will be a 'bring a plate' community party - just as it would have been in 1940. We anticipate having lots of guests and would like to request that - if you have any old bed sheets which would be suitable for use as a table cloth - please could we have/borrow them?

Goodnight Mr Tom - the movieOn Friday …

Week beginning 23rd April

This week, we launched our new topic - A Child's War - with a fantastic 'Evacuee Experience' on The Poppy Line in North Norfolk.

At the beginning of the day, the children were met by the billeting officer who escorted them on the train to Holt. The train took the children through the countryside from Sheringham to Holt, passing through Weybourne station.

On arrival at Holt, the children took part in a range of activities including:

Training to spot a variety of planes (German and British) with a member of staff from the Observation CorpsHousehold chores in a 1940's houseMaking their own lunch from a variety of foods (some of which were rationed) and A workshop giving lots of information about gas masks It was a great day, which the children thoroughly enjoyed and one which has given them a real insight into how it felt to be a 1940's child. 
On Tuesday of next week, the children will be going swimming in the afternoon. Some of them will be attending regular swimming…

Week beginning 1st April

Most mornings (and one afternoon) this week were taken up with practise SATS tests and the children have responded incredibly well. On Monday afternoon, they had a SPaG and spelling test and on Tuesday morning they had a reading test followed by Maths Paper 1. We gave them a rest on Wednesday and finished off on Thursday with Maths Papers 2 and 3. 
On Tuesday afternoon, the children took part in a lovely science investigation based on Darwin's observations of the Galapagos finches. The children used a variety of implements (such as tweezers, tongs and pliers) to pick up a variety of seeds and observed which implements were most suited to the task. This investigation was linked to adaptation and the survival of the fittest. 
In English, the children have been working hard at writing their stories, based on the novel 'Journey to the River Sea'. Whilst some of the children have finished their stories, some have chosen to finish these off at home over Easter. It's lovely t…
Good afternoon all Year 6 parents. It is our maths cafe tomorrow morning - Friday 29th March. We look forward to seeing you all from 9.00am to 10.30am.  We will be using the year 6 base for our cafe so come and find us by using the cookery room door.

A forward look: Next Tuesday, Snow Leopards will be undertaking a science investigation that will require tweezers, pliers, kitchen tongs, chopsticks and such similar items. If you have any of these at home, please could your child bring them in for Tuesday.

Thank you.

Week beginning 18th March

We've had a lovely week this week. On Wednesday, we drew detailed maps of the Galapagos Islands. Our maps included a scale so that, on Friday (tomorrow), we can do some cross-curricular maths work, calculating distances between the islands.
Last week we carried out a science investigation in which we extracted the DNA from strawberries. The children really enjoyed this investigation and worked well, collaboratively. Since then, we have used ICT to type up our investigations. This was a nice way of practising our word processing skills.
Below are some photographs of the children carrying out their investigation.
In maths, we have been calculating perimeter, area and volume. In English we continue to read Journey to the River Sea and writing in role as the main character. In PE we have been developing movements which depict a variety of animals. We are doing this to The Carnival of the Animals. 

Our revision groups have been going very well since starting three weeks ago. The children have been applying their knowledge and skills in a range of different situations in order to secure their understanding. The children in Miss Savory's group particularly enjoy the ' Round the Room' activities, where they can work collaboratively to solve problems.