Week beginning 14th October 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to our Art Gallery Exhibition on Wednesday. The children have worked very hard this half term to produce so many exceptional pieces and were delighted to share them with you.

As writers, we have created our own narrative poems inspired by 'The Lady of Shalott' by Alfred Lord Tennyson. We were excellent at using old-fashioned vocabulary and developing the narrative in different ways.
In the mornings, we have had our first exposure of the end of Key Stage 2 assessments (SATs). The children demonstrated excellent focus and resilience while completing the papers and have earned a relaxing and enjoyable break. Well done and enjoy half term!

works of art

In English: this week in class the children have carried on studying The Lady of Shalott. We've looked at other narrative poetry - some more modern than others - and learnt some difficult vocabulary. The children have been preparing to write their own narrative poetry and have been writing from the perspective of a character within the narrative. So far children have really engaged in this English topic and have risen to the challenge interpreting difficult texts.

In topic: the children have also been creating their own works of art, this week, inspired by their recent investigations of different art movements, artists and artworks. You should have received and invitation to our year 6 art exhibition on Wednesday 16th October at 2:30pm. Please come along and talk to the artists about their work if you can make it.

Work in progress!

As mathematicians: we have been recalling prime numbers, making sure that we can find common factors and consolidating other number facts as well as time…

Week beginning 30th September 2019

This week in Year 6, we have begun to look at a new text in English. We introduced 'The Lady of Shalott' by Alfred Lord Tennyson by looking at artists' illustrations of the poem and inferring what it might be about - the children were excellent at spotting and interpreting hidden symbols and clues! We have been very proud of how they have tackled this challenging text and how they were able to use the old-fashioned vocabulary when creating their own story maps of the tale. We ended the week thinking about how the Lady of Shalott might feel seeing the outside world through and mirror and shall be using the ideas generated from this session in our work next week.

In Maths, we have been looking at division. We worked collaboratively to practise our method for dividing by 1-digit numbers to complete a treasure hunt around the library.

We then moved onto dividing by 2-digits, which the children have taken in their stride! They demonstrated excellent focus and resilience when ma…

Week beginning 23rd September 2019

Year 6 have returned to school after an incredible week at Derbyshire where the children demonstrated how well-mannered and enthusiastic they are. Adults and students alike thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This week in class, as well as writing about the experiences we shared in Derbyshire, we have been using chromatography to investigate pigments used in felt-tip pens.

In maths we have begun to learn the formal column method for multiplying up to 4 digits by 2 digits. The children have demonstrated excellent resilience as well as reflecting on and correcting their own learning.  Children have also been creating expressionist pictures of their own - based on The Scream by Edvard Munch. The task was to show a chosen emotion within a self-portrait.

Week beginning 9th September 2019

What a wonderful start to the year the children have had! We are extremely impressed with the role models they are becoming.

We began our topic, Gallery Rebels, by researching famous pictures by artists of the 19th and 20th century and creating picture commentaries of these. This week, we have learnt about the colour wheel; primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary and harmonious colours and the artist Paul Klee. We have used his works as inspiration and applied our newly acquired knowledge to create our own artwork. The children demonstrated excellent focus when painting these.

In Maths, we have been extending our knowledge of place value into the ten millions! We were experts at comparing and ordering these numbers and many of us have mastered rounding - demonstrating superb resilience and problem solving.

In English, we have been looking at our whole school text - Grendel: A Cautionary Tale about Chocolate. The children have use this to help them create their own cautionary tales…

Week beginning 3rd June 2019

During Maths this week, the children have been carrying out investigations about Number and have been using their mathematical knowledge to solve problems.

In English, we have begun planning and writing newspaper articles about an event in WWII. There are no RED spelling words for this half term so the children have looked through all of the words which have been sent home this year and have selected some which they are not fully confident in spelling. These lists have been sent home with the children this week.

In topic, we have begun planning and making items for our VE Day party on 19th June (1:30pm until 3pm). The children are making all manner of things to give our party the 1940s feel.

I'm sure that you will have already seen the invitation which your child has made but - in case you haven't - please note that you are all invited to this celebration of the end of our topic. We are hoping that the party will have the same kind of 'community feel' as the parties wh…
We reverted to whole class maths lessons this week and the children have worked hard (and had a lot of fun), carrying out maths investigations. For our BODMAS investigation, some children chose to work independently, some worked in pairs and others worked in groups. The children really enjoyed this challenge and even wanted to carry on for a second lesson in order to get it completed. 
In English, the children have almost finished writing their stories, set in WWII and they seem to be really enjoying it. We will be moving on to writing newspaper articles next - linked to a story line in Goodnight Mr Tom and also to an important WWII theme. We have told the children about a creative writing contest which requires the children to write a story in 500 words or less. I have suggested to the children that they might want to adapt the story which they have written in class and submit it to the contest. 
In Topic, we have begun to plan for our VE Day street party which will be held in school…