We started this week in Snow Leopards in our usual manner with English, maths and topic work. On Tuesday, however, the children were treated to an exciting morning of activities, all based on the theme of Mexico. Mrs Woolworth came into the class to share with them her wide knowledge and experience of Mexican culture. First, she talked to the class about the history of Mexico and its people and then she gave them sugar skulls to decorate. The children loved this activity - and you can see the results of their labours here:

We had lots of fun making and eating various Mexican dishes including guacamole, which the children made themselves. Mrs Woolworth provided each of the children with a kit for making burritos and quesadillas and each of them was given the ingredients to make their own guacamole. 

You can see from the pictures below that the children had a thoroughly good time and our sincere thanks go to Mrs Woolworth who invested so much time and effort to provide the children with such a memorable learning experience. Early next term, she will return to repeat the experience for Jaguars. 

Towards the end of the week, we continued with
multiplying fractions. In English, we have begun
writing a letter - in role as either Mr Pendanski or
Mr Sir - and showing character through our
writing. We have done a lot of work on word
processing this week, typing up our letters and
using ICT to research Mexico and make a


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