Learning about blood!

We've had a busy week in Snow Leopards, finishing our non-chronological reports on the heart and wrapping our heads around prime numbers and factors (ask us - we know what they are!). Maths lessons have also seen us starting to think about division, learning how to use short division and maybe...even long division!

In the afternoons, we continue to prepare for our British Heart Foundation Charity Event. Don't forget that this is happening, parent! Next Thursday - 19th October - at 2:00pm, we are very excited to invite you all to help us raise a little awareness (and money!) for the British Heart Foundation, a superb charity that we have been learning all about. We have been practicing our skipping - a brilliant form of cardio-vascular exercise that is fantastic for your heart - photos below. We have also been learning all about the important roles that blood plays in our bodies. We hope you come and join us next week to find out all about our learning!


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